2020 Buick AGM Awards

PG Nicholson

255 Benmuni Road


MOB: 0427 751 555


31st July, 2020.

The Secretary

Buick Owners Club of WA (Inc)

C/- 255 Benmuni Road


Dear Secretary,

The Buick Owners Club of WA (Inc) has been extremely fortunate to have several members who have served in a number of positions within the Club over a long period of time.

There is one member however who has given outstanding service and has been involved since the Club was first incorporated 25 years ago. He has been on the Committee in one form or another for all those years.

He has been Vice President for 8 years, President for 2 years and on the General Committee for 15 years. The contribution he makes at Committee meetings has greatly contributed to the Clubs success and he is often sought after for his opinion before decisions are made. During this time he has also actively participated in most events a large number of which he has organized or helped organize.

His expertise in country venues and roads has been vital to the success of long runs conducted in either Autumn or Spring. This knowledge was very evident in the 2 National events run in WA with his organization of the South West and Northern post tours conducted after the formal nationals were concluded. One particular piece of knowledge is of the best bakeries and this is greatly appreciated by all.

He participated in the first West Australian “mass” entry into the Tasmanian Nationals in 2002 and has entered most of the National rally’s held since. Members of the other States hold him in high esteem and his presence has been vital at the Presidents meetings held at the Nationals.

Knowledge of Buicks is very important in our vehicle movement but is not always shared, this person however is very keen to share and offer assistance.

Being a good guy does not qualify a person for Life Membership but if this compliments the service a person has given to a Club it makes him a more popular and deserving choice.

I would therefore like to nominate Stuart Syme for Life Membership of this Club.

Yours faithfully,

Peter G. Nicholson

Stuart Syme Awarded Life Membership to the Buick Owners Club of WA(Inc)