2020 Nov General Meeting



Buick November 2020 General Meeting

Was held at Martin Jaine Sculptures in the gardens of Earlsferry House where Martin turns scrap metal into works of art.

These eye-catching sculptures weren’t just your regular garden variety pieces – the predominantly Australian native flora and fauna-inspired pieces were all cleverly crafted from a range of recycled materials.

The inspiration behind the business is Martin Jaine, who started his working life as a sheep and cropping farmer in New Zealand, before heading to the United Kingdom as a 20-something year old in the mid-1980s for three years.

Martin stopped off in Western Australia to visit a friend before returning to NZ, but it wasn’t long before he relocated across the Tasman Sea permanently in 1989 after finding farming conditions tough.

Who could imagine Emu’s made out of barbed wire

Things went so well that Martin gave up working in construction six years ago and has now built a business where he has three full-time employees creating pieces from rustic metals and other materials varying in price from $10 right up to $40,000 each.

Who could imagine Emu’s made out of barbed wire

It’s ironic that his day-to-day life involves taking varying pieces of metal and fusing them together to create pieces of art, given that Martin despised welding as a farmer.

Throughout the year customers can also wander through the 0.4 hectare gardens of Earlsferry House to view the sculptures