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A SECOND Massive Barn Find In Portugal.

Ah I seem to have your attention!

You must be one of the many millions of people who were told about the set of doors welded shut to protect a veritable treasure chest of cars for over forty years. This story surfaced in 2007.

I received an email recently to say there had been a second massive find similar to the firs! WOW! How could that happen TWICE!?

It is something of a dilemma that I want to share a truth with you, but I am using the internet to do it.

Nothing on the internet is true until proven otherwise. S0 will try to shed some light on digging around

Step One. Do a Google search for the “Thing” in question. In this case “barn doors welded shut full of cars” This returned almost three thousand results. Some of the results seem as if they are quiet credible and would lead me to believe that the story is true.

However on reading the summary of the pages found, I am getting a number of different angles on the story. It is now in different countries and was inherited by some and bought by others? HUMM?

I can also see some sites with names like listing the story.







Step Two. Do another Google for the same term with True or False on the end. “barn doors welded shut full of cars true or false” One hundred and seventy nine thousand results”

Now I am seeing and my personal favorite SNOPES.COM

Step Three. Look around and choose the one that pleases you most!

When I fist saw this story I spent a bit of time with the fantasy of the Magic Find, but then I looked around and  in the end I choose the true story.

The cars are real.  The story about them being a surprise find in a barn, is not.

Tom Cotter from Sport Car Market found the truth about the cars.  He reported that the owner was a car dealer in the 1970’s and 1980’s and decided to keep some of the more interesting cars that came his way.  The mans identity and the exact location of the cars are a secret but Cotter found the photographer, Manuel Menezes Morais, who was hired by the collector to document the cars in the barn.  Morais said that the owner kept storing the cars in the barn until it got full then he simply soldered the doors shut and the vehicles have been sitting there collecting dust for years. In my next post I will attempt to find out what has happened to the cars.

Googling strange stories, peoples names, email addresses, or claims coupled with the words “Scam” “True or False” can return some amazing and sometimes scary results.

Another “Barn Find” story I have seen on youtube is where someone takes a very good car and “Barnafies” it. Then films reversing the process, including tipping some fuel into the tank from a drum, adding a new battery and VOLIA it starts after thirty years. All for the glory of being a Youtube star and hopefully a Youtube millionaire.

Another Barn Pose I have seen was a car club day out where all the cars were parked up and a very lusty photo resulted. I do not have these photo at the moment but I will be looking for more examples to share.

‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ is an example of this fame and fortune it  was reported that Charlies family  made over £100,000 in advertising revenue from their video.

More images of the Portugese cars. Wishing photos.

Below is a partial inventory.