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All of the above articles were previously published on the WesternBuicks website on the dates listed below.

Feb 2013 Article Rough Running Riviera Rectified Rough Running Riviera Rectified – Troubleshooting leads to binning of breakerless ignition system 

Feb 2013 How’s Buick Doing? – As usual, China leads the way

Oct 2012  WA Spring Run – The Club visits tulip territory in the deep south

Sept 2012 Buick National in North Carolina – The Haimes and Howes visit the home of NASCAR

Aug 2012 Nationals Western Style – Pete Nicholson recounts his experience of the Nullarbor crossing

Apr 2012 55 Buick Story – Mark Jarvis, now in New Zealand, tells of his experiences whilst restoring his beautiful ’55

Mar 2012 The Mandurah Twilight Run – The Joondalup to Mandurah Hotrod/Classic Car Run is becoming a favourite

Nov 2011 The China Rally – The Haimes, Hitchcocks and Baxters have an interesting time in China

Sep 2011 National Stationary Engine Event – A glorious collection of memorabilia at Fairbridge Farm, Pinjarra

Jun 2011 The Autumn Run WA Style – Another glorious Buick weekend in the country

Mar 2011 Australia Day Fireworks – A memorable event at the Perth Skyshow

Feb 2011 Alternative Retirement Home – Retiring in style!

Dec 2010 GM Day Steel Blue Oval – Members show their GM babies

Oct 2010 Post Vintage National Meet – We join the VCC club at Busselton for a great weekend

Mar 2010 West Coast Summer Runs – Members enjoy the St Valentine’s Day and Summersun runs

Feb 2010 The ’34 Affair Part 3 – Stuart’s roadster takes shape

Dec 2009 Inaugural Brekky Meet- Our first regular breakfast meet at Fast Eddys a success

Nov 2009 Spring Run to Kukerin – Off to the Cook’s ranch for the Cambinata Festival and some shooting

Oct 2009 Solving Cooling Woes – Ken Churchman sent in a comprehensive summary on cooling systems

Sep 2009 The ’34 Affair – Part 2 – Stuart continues with his fascinating restoration article

Aug 2009 Buick National Meet at Colorado Springs, USA – Lois and Alan Haime met up with friends and acquaintances

Jul 2009 The Pinjarra Festival 2009 – Another good turnout of Buicks

Jun 2009 ANZAC Dawn Service – A moving experience at the Albany Memorial

May 2009 The ’34 Affair – Part 1 – Stuart Syme starts with a trailer full of rusty bits ……..

Apr 2009 Classic Car Day Whiteman Park – We had a good turnout for this year’s event

Jan 2009 West Coast Twilight Run – Cadillacs join us for this regular run to the Drive-in

Dec 2008 Spring Run 2008 – Grand tour through the wheatbelt to Merredin and Narrogin

Nov 2008 All The Way There and Back – Buicks driven more than 10,000km from the Indian to Pacific Ocean and Return

Aug 2008 In the Spirit of the Club – The Club rallies when Denis McGavigan has an unfortunate accident

Apr 2008 Brookton Old Time Motor Show – Buicks attend this annual event

Mar 2008 Date Code your Buick – Interesting date code information for mid 60s to early 70s Buicks

Feb 2008 Buick Super Series 40 – A Process of Discovery – Ian Baxter’s story of perseverance

Feb 2008 Big Al’s Poker Run – Buicks and girls on show at Burswood

Jan 2008 West Coast Twilight Run – This regular run finished at the Fremantle wharf

Nov 2007 Those Were the Days – A look at pre AWA working conditions

Nov 2007 Rally West 2007 – Buicks on the Rally West event visit Hewick the Buick gnome

Oct 2007 Stolen and Recovered – An amazing account of how a stolen Buick was eventually recovered

Sept 2007 The Western Australian Spring Run- Coverage of a great weekend at New Norcia and York 

Aug 2007 Buicks at Bellevue – The Haimes attend the BCA National in Seattle 

July 2007 Buick Owner’s Ten Commandments – The golden rules of Buick owners

July 2007 The Forgotten Gran Sport – How the 1973 fuel crisis spelt the end of the Buick GS 

June 2007 The Cervantes Run – A magical autumn run

May 2007 My Love Affair with American Cars – Keith Crane is smitten by Detroit Iron 

April 2007 Buick’s Centurion – Some facts about one of Buick’s proud road warriors 

Feb 2007 All at Sea – An epic voyage by Keith “Gulliver” Crane

Feb 2007 The Long Awaited Arrival of my 1957  Scott Barker’s ’57 takes the long route here!

Dec 2006 Airborne Fowls

Oct 2006 Off the Beaten Track  – In St Petersburg

Oct 2006 Buicks at Boatshed Breakfast

Nov 2006 The Old Quindanning Pub

Sept 2006 Buick Goes Racing – Featuring the Buick Bug

Sept 2005 Air Travel in China A light-hearted look at travel in Chine

Aug 2006 Buicks in China

Aug 2006 Premium Unleaded Fuel  Some notes on the effectiveness of premium fuel

Aug 2006 My 1929 Buick is Completed  Paul Dickson tells us about his ’29 restoration

June 2006 Health Question Answer Session

June 2006 Kenny the Rooster

May 2006 Buicks in the Ferguson Valley

Apr 2006 Street Dragging Buick

Mar 2006 Twin Wildcats

Mar 2006 Postcard from the USA Part 3

Feb 2006 Annual Stella Awards

Feb 2006 Postcard from the USA Part 2

Dec 2005 Postcard from the USA Part 1

Oct 2005 From Bamboo Springs to Alice Springs

Sept 2005 The $1.62 Million Buick

Aug 2005 Arbroath  2004 was the 150th anniversary of David Dunbar Buick’s birth in Arbroath Scotland.

July 2005 Boattail in the Kimberly Region of Western Australia  Lois and Alan Haime travel 3,493 miles From Perth to Derby and back.

June 2005 Scott Barker’s 1930

May 2005 Cunderdin Air Show Weekend Easter 2004 

Apr 2005 Buicks to the Rescue in 1906  Buicks in San Francisco

Mar 2005 Phil Taylor’s 1940  Phil’s acquisition from SA

Feb 2005 Route 66 – The Last Bit   Final episode of the Haime and Howe’s run down Route 66

Nov 2004 Ride a Wild Horse – A bit of Mustang memorabilia, including the car from Bullitt

Sept 2004 Royal Buicks  British royalty had taste!

July 2004 Sea Going Buick  A ’57 “sailed” from Cuba to Florida

June 2004 Buick Aims Young  A look at Buick’s latest release

May 2004 Kalgoorlie Pre National Tour   Perth members to drive up to Kalgoorlie to welcome the eastern states Buicks and show them the sights.

Apr 2004 Route 66 – Via New Mexico  Third part of the Haime and Howe’s run down Route 66.

Mar 2004 The Hellcat Tanks  Buick’s war efforts

Feb 2004 Buicks off to the Drive-In A night at Perth’s Galaxy Drive-in

Dec 2003 Route 66 – A Detour into Arizona  including Tombstone and TA Performance

Nov 2003 Route 66 – The First Bit  including a stopover at Wheatbelt Autos. After the big Buick Centenary bash in Flint, Michigan, Alan and Lois Haime together with Tony and Marny Howe drove back to Chicago and set off down Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles in a rented 2003 Buick Le Sabre.   

Oct 2003 The Syme Seattle 2003 Trip  Stuart Syme’s run from Seattle to Flint for the Buick Centenary.