Automobiles of the Early 20th Century

Thanks Alex this is a really interesting page.

My name is Erica,I am from Oregon. My son is really into cars and trucks. One of his teachers is starting the school year by having the students do a fun project to get them back in the school mindset. I thought this was such a cool  idea, and I am helping Alex put together a project on automobile history. Ive been helping him out with his research online, and we really enjoyed your page, . It had a lot of great information, and I know Alex also really enjoyed checking out your pictures of all the different cars you have on the page. We are going to the World of Speed USA this weekend, which is just south of Portland! 

Alex is always looking on-line and learning more about different cars, and he showed me this article he found on the early history of the automobile, . I thought it was a great article, and I think it is great that he is taking something that he loves learning about and translating that into an educational pursuit. I was hoping you could add it to your page, I would love to show Alex. I think he'd be really excited to have been able to contribute a fun and helpful article to your page.

Thanks again for the awesome page and help encouraging Alex interest in automobiles! If you're able to add the auto history article to your page, please let me know, I'd love to show him! Have a great day and hope to speak to you soon.

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