Barry Ryle

1965 Rivera 49447 Coupe I got my car through a Shannon’s auction back in 2008. It had belonged to a pilot based in Bega, NSW. He travelled a fair bit and he bought the 1965 in the States then brought it to Australia in 1972. That’s when it was converted to RHD but otherwise it remained original and was well housed and maintained and even the upholstery was in perfect condition. Since I acquired the car it has been fully restored. Every nut and bolt, engine and gearbox reconditioned and new paint. The paint is close to original and we are happy with how it turned out. I also fitted under dash dual air conditioning and it’s handy in the west. We are based in Mandurah and it’s not always easy to get to every club event. However we have had some long runs to Esperance and up the coast and she has been a pleasure to travel in. At the moment I’m chasing a small leak near the thermostat so haven’t been far for about a month. Barry Ryle

1965 Buick Riviera