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John & Sue’s new 1998 Buick

John and Sue Bell surprised us at the Echuca 50th Celebration with their recently purchased Buick. Formerly owned by Owen E. Mansford (N.S.W.) Owen purchased this very desirable Buick in 1998 and completed a total strip restoration. Historically, the car was imported into Australia when new and converted to right hand drive, with the first owner being a doctor in the Newcastle area. It remained in the Hunter Region of NSW for most of its working life. Now on the road it is a great presentation of the marque and a beautiful automobile.

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Lois Haime Magazine Report July 2018

I would like to thank Buick members who have contributed articles for publishing in the magazine in the past year, being Stuart Syme, Ros Hunt and Vic Bower.
The series called “Where Did You Get Your Buick?” is still running as we have many members who have not yet answered that question. I think most members have a natural curiosity about where various cars have come from.
As someone who gets the online version ofthe magazine,I am always impressed with the lovely colour photos accompanying articles. The cars are really shown off to their best. Unfortunately this does not translate to the hard copy of the magazine where the photos don’t do justice to the cars. Perhaps the Magazine Committee can move forward to even a centre page spread in colour, although this again all comes down to cost. Certa;inly something to look forward to in the future.
Once again all members are urged to support your magazine and we need to boost the WA content!
Lois Haime
Magazine Co-Ordinator WA

Club News

BOCWA Presidents Report July 2018


Our Club continues to remain successful in times that are proving to be very difficult to similar clubs throughout Australia.

Club finances are in a very healthy state and therefore the Committee has decided that no increase in fees are necessary for the forthcoming year.

The Committee have again been very supportive and have worked extremely hard to ensure our Club remains viable and actively involved in events.  I would like to express my appreciation for their efforts and dedication.

Membership has increased slightly during year and we have welcomed new members:-

Damian Flynn                      1924 Tourer

Michael Skehan                  1952 Special Delux

Adrian Vandenberg           Various Buicks – 1925 Tourer, 1981 Park Sedan, 1992 Roadmaster.

Terry Hills                     )       1926 Tourer

Kelly & Derek Gibson)

Graham Hickinbotham     1962 Skylark Convertible

The procedure for “impromptu runs” has proved to be a great success and the members who have embraced this system appear to be using it in the manner for which it is intended.

Code 404 continues to be of some concern with uncertainty in some areas.  The situation of Club Licensing Inspectors has still not ben resolved.  GST on imported items under $1,000 still is a mystery and changing rules to vehicle imports are a concern.

Hopefully these problems will disappear in the near future with outcomes positive to the historic vehicle movement.

Finally thanks to our members – you are a fabulous group of people and it is a pleasure to be associated with you all.


Peter Nicholson


Club News




The last 12 months have been steady and somewhat uneventful but the Club

has continued to develop and remain in a financially good state – so much so that no increase in membership fees will be necessary for the coming year.

Membership numbers have increased slightly which is most rewarding and ensures that our Club remains healthy and in good shape for the future.

Throughout the year, we have welcomed new members

Brad & Bridgette Taylor

Trevor & Rachael Salter

Brad & Leisa Collins – 1969 Riviera

Bob & Regina West – 1955 Century Sedan

Sue Bell (daughter of Jim Bell)

The Committee has fulfilled their obligations in a conscientious and dedicated manner and have shown the necessary enthusiasm to carry out their duties to the betterment of the Club – I sincerely thank them for their efforts.

Changes to Code 404 have caused some confusion, but after a settling in period, have not produced any major problems.

One area of benefit is the newly introduced “impromptu runs” which will enable members to use their vehicles on a more regular basis.  To facilitate these runs Beryl Donis has come up with an excellent program to log these runs via our website.  Hopefully members will use this facility in the spirit it is intended and not cause problems with our ability to issue concessional licenses.

Finally to all members – a big thank you for helping to make our Club successful and one which can be enjoyed by all.



Peter Nicholson