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Buick Royal Appointment

BUICK by Royal Appointment A couple of years ago an article was run in Buick News about the Prince of Wales (the one that scarpered, not the current one) and Mrs Simpson’s Buick and its luxurious silver fixtures. However having come across a 1986 copy of the UK Buick Club’s magazine (supplied by WA member […]

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BUICK GOES RACING Featuring the Buick Bug! The following article is reproduced from an article written by Dave Norton from the UK Chapter of the Buick Club of America 1988, found amongst some old yellowed papers. What an era of racing it must have been with thundering cars and smoke over some pretty rough tracks, […]

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BUICK AIMS YOUNG Those who were at Flint, Michigan last year and attended the final wingding at the J K Whiting Auditorium will remember the speech given by Mr Roger Adams, General Manager of the Buick Motor Company. Rog gave a talk on the future of Buick, where it was heading and talked about the […]

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