Classic Car Show Ascot 2019

Shannon’s Classic Car Show Ascot Racecourse Perth WA

Sunday the 24th March, 2019.

An early morning especially for some who travelled a great distance to participate in the Classic Car Show.

Gathering at the racecourse carpark were all makes and models arriving to join the various clubs, with the gates being opened at 8.00am, for all cars to make their way to the different Club allocated sections

Once in the gates we had a shady spot under the trees for the course of the day. With over 1000 Classic Cars in place by 9.00am, the gates then were then open to the public.

With cameras clicking people taking all sorts of photos from under cars to badges, grills, and car interiors and of course the cars.

Rob in Buick 1972 Riveria GS Coupe,                               Dave in Buick LeSarbe Luxus Convertible,

Barry in Buick 1965 Riveria Coupe                                   Peter in Buick 1948 Roadmaster Covvertible

Jim in Buick 1931 Roadster                                                Alan in Buick 1946 Super Sedan

Steve in Buick 1948 Sedan                                                 Murray in Buick 1935 Sedan

Jason in Buick 1953 Sedan                                                  Lois in Packard 1948 Sedan

Harold in Buick 1951 Super Sedan                                    Stuart in Buick 1955 Super Convertible

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