Colin Howe

1960 Buick Electra My 1960 Buick Electra model 60-4719 was originally purchased from Staal Buick Inc. in Grand Rapids Michigan on 05/07/1960 by Jennie Cochran. It was imported into Australia in late January 2006 by Peter Reed. While in Sydney it was serviced and had some brake repair work done. It left Sydney on 20/06/2006 and arrived in Perth on 03/07/2006 into the ownership of Murray Lee. Murray found a battery receipt in the vehicle from Alles Tire, Grand Haven, Michigan in the name of Mr Orvil Osborn who may have been the second owner. Murry had the car for 3 years before I purchased it. I was originally looking for a 1957 2 door coupe or a 1968 Skylark after having sold my 34 8/40 sedan a few years earlier. I was informed by a friend and fellow Buick Club member that a 1960 Buick was advertised. My wife, Carolyn, and I were on our way to the football and decided to ring and see if we could have a look on our way to the game. When we approached the car which was parked out the front of the property Carolyn said “we’re having that car”. After taking it for a test run we made an offer which was declined so we left it at that. We discussed the car during the game and decided to make another offer which was accepted. Some of the work done since I have had the car are: Shockies replaced Transmission seals replaced Headlights replaced with Halogen lighs Re-Kit Carby The most difficult job was removing the transmission. Having the car perched on stands and removing the rear diff and torque tube, laying underneath was not my idea of fun. I would like to get rid of the torque tube and replace with a different set up so any ideas are welcome. We currently have the car on full licence and enjoy taking it out whenever we please. Colin Howe


1960 Buick Electra Sedan