Karragullen Run to Illawarra Orchard

Today 18th September Buick Club run was to the property of Thomas Price in Karragullen

The Price family have owned and managed Illawarra orchard for over 110 years.

Illawarra orchard was first cleared and planted in 1893 and in 1899. Over the years this orchard has become famous for its quality fruit.

Thomas Price was a pioneer in the fruit growing industry in Western Australia, whose influence was legendary. He also exhibited outstanding leadership in the establishment of Karragullen and had a major influence on the lives of many pioneering families in the Karragullen area. His influence is still seen today with Illawarra Orchard owned and operated by third generation Tom Price.

Visiting Illawarra orchard today was certainly an eye opener to the work of this family, and a credit to Thomas for his dedication and documentation of past history photos and presentation of this work. Thanks must go to Scott Barker for organizing this interesting run today, from there we proceeded onto Churchman Brook for a Buick Club general meeting and lunch.






Thomas explaining some past history to Jenny
Thomas explaining some past history to Jenny