Internet Links

Internet Links
Australian and International Clubs

Buick Club Australia Buick Car Club of Australia (Qld)

Buick Club of America  (Vic) Riviera Owners Club


Australian National Motor Museum  Braewood Australia

Sloan Museum  Los Angeles Museum NZ Car Museum. MUSEUM | Southward Car Museum

Southward Car Museum houses the southern hemispheres largest private car collection. Reno Nevada Museum  Flint Public Library

Parts & Manuals

Desert Valley Auto Parts  Flint Public Library. Large collection of Buick related material.

Buick Farm Parts and Manuals NOS Parts   The Old Car Manuals Project. Car Manuals for Old Cars | The Old Car Manual Project

This site has hundreds of images of scanned brochures from various makes and models, US Domestic and Foreign.  Custom made car covers.>Featuring the original
factory brochures for many American cars Buick Automobile Literature Large selection of
original Buick brochures, catalogs, manuals, books, magazines and memorabilia