Larry Parks Buick 1952

Larry & Sue Park 1952 Sedan
1952 Buick Special Deluxe Sedan

Back in 2015 I was getting a little anxious (again) about the length of time it was taking to get my ’46 Buick on the road. I first started to rebuild it from the ground up in 1975 but I was all over WA back then and didn’t have any real idea what it took, cost or how I was going to do it when I was travelling from hotel to hotel around the state. As I said, I was getting frustrated and in that moment realised I hadn’t driven a car of that stature, saying the same to my wife Sue (good gosh women can be very smart and enlightening at times) and she said why not ask one of the club members if they would mind you having a drive of one of theirs which seemed like a great idea! I asked Harold Hitchcock and to my surprise he said okay. That first drive, short though it was, convinced me that I couldn’t wait any longer. I went home and somehow Sue knew I had to get my car running. Over the next week, I talked continuously about what I needed to do to make it so and Sue said why didn’t I look at the possibility of buying one that doesn’t need to be rebuilt. The more I thought about it, the more excited I became and started seriously looking on the internet. I found that a Queensland couple had a nice looking car and I sent a few emails to Colin and Gloria McCabe. They replied thanking me for my enquiry about the 1952 Buick Special Deluxe Manual Sedan with the following details: x 30,100 miles x left-hand drive x all original in very good condition x unregistered x Qld. personalised plates BUK052. After discussion with Sue, she said I could have it as an early birthday present. I believe I had convinced Colin and Gloria that their ’52 Special would have a very caring home if they could accept sending it west. All parties agreed and the ’52 came west. Was I excited? Yes and the excitement has never left me. I had a few concerns, the first was when I tried to get it licensed in WA and the officer said I had to make the lights brighter (still wish I could and am working on that). The second visit and the same gentleman said she had passed! On the way home, I stopped at the traffic lights and another chap pulled alongside me and said “great car mate but did you know that your rear wheel is on fire!” Thanks to a good friend, Tony Howe, this was fixed and a couple of other small items which left my biggest concern being the jumping out of gear when going downhill (and I live at the top of a pretty steep hill), this is yet to be completed unfortunately. I am currently waiting on a set of five whitewall radial tyres to complete my much loved 1952 and they should be on her in about a week. If, from this, you believe I’m wrapped/ proud of my birthday present and my loving wife, you would be quite correct. Larry Park WA Buicks