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Lois Haime Magazine Report July 2018

I would like to thank Buick members who have contributed articles for publishing in the magazine in the past year, being Stuart Syme, Ros Hunt and Vic Bower.
The series called “Where Did You Get Your Buick?” is still running as we have many members who have not yet answered that question. I think most members have a natural curiosity about where various cars have come from.
As someone who gets the online version ofthe magazine,I am always impressed with the lovely colour photos accompanying articles. The cars are really shown off to their best. Unfortunately this does not translate to the hard copy of the magazine where the photos don’t do justice to the cars. Perhaps the Magazine Committee can move forward to even a centre page spread in colour, although this again all comes down to cost. Certa;inly something to look forward to in the future.
Once again all members are urged to support your magazine and we need to boost the WA content!
Lois Haime
Magazine Co-Ordinator WA