This year has certainly been an interesting one with all concessional licence approved clubs trying to conform to the new code 404 book rules and implementing systems to

enable members to log runs under the new guidelines for impromptu events.

The technical committee of the CMC (which I also now sit on) has decided to give the system a full 12 months of operation to see what problems arise in the operation of the

new regulations before discussing with Transport any changes we feel need to be implemented. We have a list of issues already with changes to forms and clarification of

some areas, particularly with inpromptu runs etc, members should contact me if they have anything they would like to see altered and I will put it to the CMC committee for

evaluation to add to our list.

It was considered better to approach Transport at one meeting with a full list of changes rather than making individual approaches with small detail alterations as it may

require a reprint of the 404 booklet if they agree to our changes.

Many thanks to Micheal Monaghan and Beryl Donis for their efforts setting up the online logging for impromptu runs in the Buick Club website, this seems to be working

well at the present but may need some fine tuning if any problems arise in the future. Please advise Beryl if you encounter difficulty’s  logging runs.

We have had a quiet year for new Buicks on concessional licence however some members have availed themselves of the option to shift some of their other make cars onto

404 rego under the Buick Club Banner and a couple have consolidated their collection into our club for convenience.

We currently have 31 vehicles listed on code 404 with the B.O.C.of W.A.

Thanks to all members for their support over the past year, most seem to be happy with the new extra use now allowed under the 404 scheme and are making every

effort to comply with the requirements as set out in the Booklet.

Murray Lizatovich

Club Registrar





The last 12 months have been steady and somewhat uneventful but the Club
has continued to develop and remain in a financially good state – so much so that no increase in membership fees will be necessary for the coming year.
Membership numbers have increased slightly which is most rewarding and ensures that our Club remains healthy and in good shape for the future.
Throughout the year, we have welcomed new members
Brad & Bridgette Taylor
Trevor & Rachael Salter
Brad & Leisa Collins – 1969 Riviera
Bob & Regina West – 1955 Century Sedan
Sue Bell (daughter of Jim Bell)
The Committee has fulfilled their obligations in a conscientious and dedicated manner and have shown the necessary enthusiasm to carry out their duties to the betterment of the Club – I sincerely thank them for their efforts.
Changes to Code 404 have caused some confusion, but after a settling in period, have not produced any major problems.
One area of benefit is the newly introduced “impromptu runs” which will enable members to use their vehicles on a more regular basis.  To facilitate these runs Beryl Donis has come up with an excellent program to log these runs via our website.  Hopefully members will use this facility in the spirit it is intended and not cause problems with our ability to issue concessional licenses.
Finally to all members – a big thank you for helping to make our Club successful and one which can be enjoyed by all.
Peter Nicholson


The Council of Motoring Concessional Licence CODE 404 Informational Booklet

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Under Downloads  Concession 404





The preceding 12 months have in many ways been very successful for our club.
This success however has been overshadowed by the passing of two of the Clubs most valuable and active members in Tony Howe and Alan Haime.  Their passing was sudden and the effect it had on members was profound.  The amount of emails and phone calls received testifies to the popularity and fondness the Club held for them and their families.
There has also been illness in the Club and fortunately those affected have come through with flying colours.
On a brighter note, we have maintained a financially stable Club.  The Committee has reviewed the Club finances and decided it will not be necessary to increase membership fees for the forthcoming year.
Our membership has increased from 67 in the previous year to 75 this year and we continue to receive inquiries usually generated by our website.
New members who joined during the year are:-
Greg Churchman                                1962 Wildcat
Tim & Yvonne Blyth                            vehicle unknown
Rob & Sue Young                                1940 Special 8 sedan
Robert & Cheryl Quinn-Schofield       1926 (uted) to be restored
Neville & Maxine Cullenane               no vehicle (Buick)
Clark & Monique Stasiw                     1967 Electra 225 convertible
Jason & Kristy May                             1953 Special
Nigel & Donna Naughton                    1926 Master 6 coupe
At this time however, we note that some members have yet to renew their subscription and I urge all members to make payment before the 31st July to ensure the continuance of the Buick News and also to protect their concessional license.
The Club also faces some challenges over the next 12 months in the areas of taxation, the ongoing saga of Code 404 and the changes to the rules of Incorporation which means our Constitution will have to be rewritten.  We also face the challenge to find new and varied destinations for our meetings and events which are of interest to all our members including the ladies and any suggestions which are forthcoming will be gratefully accepted.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Committee for their efforts as their dedication and input goes a long way to ensure the future of our Club.  A special mention must be made of the support I receive from my right hand man Bev.
Finally I would like to thank our members, without whom we would not be able to enjoy the friendly and successful Club we have become.
Buick Owners Club of WA (INC)