Skylark Goes to Moama

My Trip to the 50th Anniversary started about 7 Months prior to leaving home in Western Australia. My owner Jim and Beryl Donis were in the shed discussing the coming event, all us cars in the shed were hanging onto every word, as to whom was going on this great trip. How proud I was when I heard Jim say, “We will take the Skylark OK”. Next I knew I was getting the once over, new oil, tyres pumped and

1962 Skylark Convertible

a good wash and polish, a vacuumed and windows cleaned, when I felt Jim putting the spares in the boot, I knew time was getting close. On the morning of the 5th October Jim opened the shed and I only had a few moments to say my goodbye’s to my mates sitting in the shed; goodbye Buick 31, 48, 60, 67 and my best mate 70, goodbye Skylark they called. Off I went feeling like a million dollars out to CEVA Depot where I had the once over with photos taken of me from all directions. Jim left me there but not really alone as Peter & Bev’s 1976 LeSabre was right alongside also getting the once over and guess what, in the afternoon Stuart Syme arrived with his 1955 Super Convertible an if that wasn’t enough on the Friday Harold Hichcock’s 1951 Sedan arrived all looking pretty slick, we had lots to talk about as we spent the next few days together being shipped to Adelaide. I felt great when I saw Jim arrive to collect me, but my mates LeSabre, Super Sedan and Super Convertible weren’t feeling too good, each with a bit of battery trouble, after a shock charge to the batteries we were on our way, our first stop overnight was at Dimboola. Arriving in the afternoon all in good spirits, until it was noticed 51 Sedan was leaking oil, but never give up Murray & Stuart got straight on the job making running repairs so we all could continue in the morning. While we rested the crew all indulged in a fish and chips dinner, seated in a community kitchen for guests at the motel, I heard them all talking and laughing reminiscing about past events and good times. Morning came and we were on the road again destination Echuca and into Moama where our base was for this celebration. Running well I felt great but then I am a Buick. Boy did we all get the treatment there and also catching up with all those other Buick’s I hadn’t seen for some time also some new faces. Over the next week we travelled to some fantastic venues for our passengers to enjoy, although us Buick’s were parked outside we certainly made a lot of people happy looking at us all lined up, I even heard a few times comments like “My dad had one like that,” will I ever have some great stories to tell my mates back home in the shed. Signed Buick 1962 Skylark