Stuart Syme 1955 Buick Super Convertible

The magazine Editor for Western Australia has dictated we are to give some detail on how we came to be in possession of our cars – she even has a schedule. So all other West Australian members start preparing your essays. On March 3rd, 2014 the West Australian Club website received the following email from a member of the public. ” I have a couple of parts that might be of interest to your members: · Fuel pump rebuild kit 1955-6 Buick with 322Ci Nailhead being the double action type (Pic attached) Cost US$128 will sell for $90 · Pan gasket for the 322Ci Nailhead – Cost US$47 will sell for $25. Both of the above are new remanufactured parts that I brought in from the US & have the original invoices. Also for sale is my 1955 Buick 56C convertible (see photos) the car is in excellent order at least an 8/10 rating. I will be sending the car off to auction within the next couple of weeks as I can no longer hold onto it. However if there is interest from any club member I will sell it at the proposed reserve price.” The email was on forwarded to all local Club members. Not owning a 1955 Buick, I was about to delete the message but noticed the seller gave a residential address of Darlington, which is a small hills suburb of Perth. It also happens to be where I live. I must confess, I thought “scam”. I had lived in Darlington for the past 45 years and owned and restored Buicks even longer. If there was a 1955 Super convertible floating around I would certainly have known about it, not to mention a few other Club members who live in the near vicinity. Well, so I thought. I sent an email asking for more photos and expressing my surprise at not having seen the car around the area. Almost instantly I received the following reply: ” That’s a coincidence! I had the car in storage for about 18 months whilst I was in the US so that might be why, and lately it’s had fuel pump woes due to being in said storage which I am pleased to report are now done. More photos are attached. Seeing as you are local, if you would like to have a look give me a call . I am in Dalry Road.” I was still unconvinced, but call I did. Darlington is an area of large building blocks, a lot of parkland and a number of semi rural properties. It eventuated that if not for a heavily forested hilltop adjoining my property, I would have been able to see the shed in which the Buick was stored. What are the chances of finding a car like this virtually next door. THE ACQUISITION OF A 1955 BUICK SUPER CONVERTIBLE 56C by Stuart Syme, Western Buicks The Buick News Page 11 March 2018 That same afternoon I inspected the car. This is what I saw! I arranged to take it to a friend’s garage the next day to examine the underside on a hoist. I also arranged for my friend Ken Churchman to come with me as he owns a 1954 Buick Roadmaster 76R which runs similar mechanicals. Unfortunately, the fuel delivery problem hadn’t been fixed as the seller believed so the test drive was a bit on the erratic side. The motor would fire up, drive a short distance and then stop after starving for fuel. Not ideal when driving in the hills around hairpin bends! Everything else passed muster though and the three of us scrutinising the car all felt the fuel supply problem was a simple fix, probably! A price was negotiated and I became the owner of a 1955 Buick Convertible. I never dreamt of being able to own a mid fifties convertible due to rarity, not only here but in the USA. I had the added bonus of driving it just around the corner to my shed as opposed to the usual arranging of transport from the USA or East Coast home. The fuel delivery problem was easily fixed. It turned out to be a piece of rubber debris in the bottom of the fuel tank getting sucked into and blocking the fuel line pick up. The car is great, all power options and I have fitted new white wall radial tyres to enhance road-use. I have driven it extensively taking it to the Nationals in Wollongong NSW in 2016 and last year to the 50th Buick Club of Australia Anniversary celebrations in Echuca/Moama where it received ”The Gentleman’s Choice Award ”. Stuart Syme